Dear Soccer Moms, Dads and Guardians,

Registration is open for the 2016 fall recreation soccer season. The fall season is for kids age 5 through 16 and will run from September through October.

Our Association is also hosting a week-long soccer camp put on by UK International Soccer Camps August 1 to August 5; half-day and full-day camps are available for ages 5-14. For more info and to register for this camp, go to: and search for the Enterprise, Oregon camp. Last year’s players had great things to say about this camp – all ability levels are encouraged!!

For 2016 fall soccer season, completed registration forms with payment are due by August 5, 2016 (last day of soccer camp). Any late registrations will be assessed a $5 late fee and may only be accepted at the discretion of WVSA. Please attach your payment to the registration form. It helps us plan and organize a successful youth soccer season if you register early. Please, register ASAP!

When registering your child, please consider volunteering to help. We need coaches, referees and volunteers to help set-up and maintain the soccer fields. Please let us know if you can volunteer this season by filling in the volunteer information on the registration form.

If you have questions or want to volunteer, please contact your respective City Managers:


Joseph                    Peg Nave                    (541) 263-1096

Enterprise              Jeff Fields                   (541) 426-0413

Wallowa                 Nicole Bellows            (541) 263-1489


Thanks for your support to the continuing development of youth soccer in Wallowa County!


Click here to download the complete information/registration package (PDF)